Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Where Do I Start..I Was Feeling Incredibly Low Yesterday, You Know The "Reflecting Back On Your Life Realizing That It's Kinda Fucked Up...Then Wishing You Didn't Sit Back And Reflect" Truth Hurts... So My Remedy Was Comfort Food & Thenn I Decided To Take Some Random-Ass Pictures To Help Distract Myself From My Life Haha..And Thennnnnn I Started Rummaging Through My Photo Folders And Found Some Major ThrowBacks That Made Me Smile, Of Me And My Little Cousin - Shes Such A Lil' Missy! & She Loves Pulling Lil' Faces @ The Camera! She Makes Life So Much Darn Fun! Lovee It!

I'd Just Like To Say Thanks For Reading! I Appreciate Every Single Last One Of You Who Reads My Blog!
Love You Guyss! <33

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What's Up With That?!

Mannn, What Is Up With Some People?!

Okay, So Like I Said Before i Wanna Study Nails And Maybe Own My Own Little Nail Salon, Or Just Study Nails So I Can Do Nails On The Side To Earn A Little Extra Cash And Get A 9-5 Or Somethin'

Why Is Everybody Trippin' Tellin' Me To Do Fashion?

I Dont Wanna Do Fashion!

Tellin Me That Because I Got A Grade B, To Do Media

I Dont Wanna Do Media!

Tellin Me To Work In Retail!

I Dont Wanna Work In Retail!

Tellin Me To Do Office Work!

I Dont Wanna Do Office Work!

But Then They Turn Around And Tell Me I Gotta Be Making' My Own Decisions And Shit

Well Thats What Im Tryna Do! But Its Hard With People Up In My Grill Tryna Change My Mind!

I Dont Get Why Nobody Wants Me To Do Nails, I Dont Get Why Nobody Wants Me To Do The Thing I Actually Wanna Do?!

Sorry If I Just Sound Like A Whiney Brat But I Dont Get It.

Enlighten Me,

Love You Guyss! <33