Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What's Up With That?!

Mannn, What Is Up With Some People?!

Okay, So Like I Said Before i Wanna Study Nails And Maybe Own My Own Little Nail Salon, Or Just Study Nails So I Can Do Nails On The Side To Earn A Little Extra Cash And Get A 9-5 Or Somethin'

Why Is Everybody Trippin' Tellin' Me To Do Fashion?

I Dont Wanna Do Fashion!

Tellin Me That Because I Got A Grade B, To Do Media

I Dont Wanna Do Media!

Tellin Me To Work In Retail!

I Dont Wanna Work In Retail!

Tellin Me To Do Office Work!

I Dont Wanna Do Office Work!

But Then They Turn Around And Tell Me I Gotta Be Making' My Own Decisions And Shit

Well Thats What Im Tryna Do! But Its Hard With People Up In My Grill Tryna Change My Mind!

I Dont Get Why Nobody Wants Me To Do Nails, I Dont Get Why Nobody Wants Me To Do The Thing I Actually Wanna Do?!

Sorry If I Just Sound Like A Whiney Brat But I Dont Get It.

Enlighten Me,

Love You Guyss! <33